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Does Your Partner Need an Australian Visa?

Most people will meet their life partner after being introduced to them through friends, by meeting them at work, or at a social event. For other individuals, the story of how they met the love of their life can be more dramatic. Perhaps, it involves a whirlwind romance on a palm-fringed beach or maybe a relationship built up while working overseas or backpacking around the world far from friends and family. However these lovers meet, if they are not both Australian citizens, there will always be a visa application process to go through before they can start their life together.

Understanding the visa process 

The Australian visa process can appear complex, especially if you are unfamiliar with the terminology used in much of the paperwork. You could find yourself struggling to fill in forms and locate all of the evidence you need only to find that you have been filling in the wrong form or that your visa application is rejected because you missed something important. Thankfully, there is an alternative. Instead of trying to submit your visa application on your own, you can work with a company that has proven experience in submitting visa applications and knows how to help you complete the forms and gather the needed evidence. By working with a specialist visa application company, you can ensure that the application process runs smoothly.

Deciding which is the right visa for you

There are a variety of visas for which you could apply. If you plan to live with your partner then you could opt for a partner visa but this is one of the more complex visas to obtain. In many cases, it makes sense to apply for a tourist visa first. Choosing a tourist partner visa is normally a quicker approach that will minimise the amount of time that you must spend apart. On a more pragmatic level, a tourist partner visa also provides you both with an opportunity to learn how well you would cope with life together in Australia before seeking to apply for permanent settlement. To learn more about the help that is available to navigate the visa application process, talk to a company that specialises in providing immigration assistance. They can provide the advice you need and the right advice on what you need to apply for and how you can fill in the forms for you or your partner's tourist partner visa.