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Considerations for Choosing a Structural Engineer

There are diverse factors that you must consider when starting a construction project to ensure long-term success. One of the most critical elements is the structural integrity of the potential commercial, industrial or even residential building. You will need to engage a professional contractor, usually a structural engineer, to provide you with the crucial assistance. Basically, structural engineering is a field which deals with the design as well as analysis of structures, particularly those that must support or resist loads. A structural engineer will play different roles during a construction project. Primarily, the expert will ensure that the building satisfies the requirements for safety, performance and serviceability by creating and assessing the designs. Here are the main factors to consider before hiring a structural engineer.

Financial Sustainability

Generally, a structural engineering firm is involved in a construction project for prolonged periods of time. The integrity of a building will depend on factors such as the design, the quality of materials, the condition of the ground and the expertise of the builders. In simple terms, you cannot engage the contractor for only the preliminary designing process. Once both parties have signed the contract, the association will typically be a long-term one until the project is concluded. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your preferred firm is financially sustainable before hire. This will prevent future problems such as project cost overruns, the retrenchment of key experts in your project and delays. Request for audited financial statements for potential firms to ensure that the company can handle the project and cover any losses.

Geographical Scope

It is advisable to look for an engineer who is an expert in designing and analysing structures in your area of interest. This will allow them to understand your needs and execute your requirements with more precision. Different firms cover specific geographical scopes to suit their target clients. For instance, you should consider whether you want an expert who is knowledgeable about the local level or a firm that deals with national and international projects. Generally, an engineer with experience and licensing in your area will offer more because they are well-versed in the building codes imposed in the local municipality.


Structural engineering is often considered to be a practical field without any room for creativity. However, innovation can be incorporated in making sure that the structural integrity of the building is upheld. Choose engineering firms that have new techniques and ideas in construction that can reduce your cumulative expenses. You should always look into past building projects before official engagement.

Take these things into consideration when choosing between structural engineering firms, like Jeffrey Hills and Associates.